Honda XR650L Rear Motorcycle Rack
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Honda XR650L Rear Motorcycle Rack
The XR650L is a bike that begs to be taken out on those long touring journey's. Outfitting it with a rack is a perfect marriage because we allow you to carry all the gear you'll need along the way!
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Our racks are made out of Schedule 40 11/16 black steel pipe, bent in a press, and welded together in a jig right here in the Great State of Idaho. We've been in business since 1992 and can confidently say that you will not be disappointed and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Our racks are strong and over engineered and powder coated for a nice durable finish. All of our racks have the same platform, 18" wide by 12" deep, the only thing that is different, is how they attach to the bike. We always attach directly to the subframe in a place that will result in the strongest application as well as one that allows for easy installation.

While these pictures are of a TW200, the way all of our racks attach will strengthen your sub-frame by turning it into a Truss if you will.  The picture below was where one of our customers was rear ended by a van.  Our rack prevented the sub-Frame from collapsing and probably saved his life.  You can see the integrity of the rack was not compromised given the force of the impact.

On the picture below, a customer went off the trail.  His bike went end over end for over a 100 ft and into a tree.  You can see the damage to the rack was minimal given the circumstances.  A wrecker used the rack to retrieve the motorcycle.

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