ROK Straps, Adjustable Stretch Straps


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The Rok Strap is endorsed by us for the following reasons: We love the way it attaches to the rack, no hooks like you find on normal bungees, and for it's proven durability. You'll notice it's the only thing on our website that we don't personally manufacture but we will stand behind them just like we do our racks. That's how much confidence we have in them!

With a stretch design help to prevent your load from shifting, adjustable length for a multitude of applications, easy to use buckles for quick connections, and loop webbing mounting points, the ROK Straps Motorcycle Adjustable Stretch Strap Twin Pack are the ultimate in motorcycle cargo straps.

Designed specifically for motorcycles, the 1in (25.4mm) wide ROK Straps Motorcycle Adjustable Stretch Strap Twin Pack secures a wide range of loads without the use of rigid hooks.

Flat shock cord to minimize pressure on load Solid natural rubber shock cords for longevity.

Adjustable length from 18in to 60in (45cm to 150cm)