About us


Living in the great State of Idaho, we have access to some of the most beautiful landscape and scenery that you could imagine. The trouble is you usually have to go off the beaten path to get there. Growing up, we had Honda Fat Cats and Yamaha Big Wheels and quickly discovered that there had to be a better way to haul our gear around than on our backs!

The Yamaha Big Wheel had a factory rack that fulfilled that purpose, but we felt we could build a better rack with stronger material and a better design. So, we took our ideas to a local Machine shop and worked with them to build our first jig. The first racks we manufactured were for the Big Wheel and the Fat Cat.

At first, we built them for our own bikes but the word quickly spread amongst our network of family, friends and coworkers that had these same motorcycles.  Everyone loved them. It wasn’t long before the local Motorcycle dealers saw the potential as customers started to ask about our racks at the Parts counter.

The Big Wheel and Fat Cats weren’t produced for very long so as you can imagine, we started getting questions on whether we could build them for other models, most notably the Yamaha TW200. The local dealers were very instrumental in that process. They would loan us a bike, usually brand new, and we would take it to the machine shop and fabricate a jig. We would always repay that favor by giving them a rack for free, as long as they showcased it on a bike on the showroom floor. That process has perpetuated itself over and over again and now we build racks for over 39 different makes and models of motorcycles.  We’ve also expanded our line of products to include our own Pannier System and Bag Supports that you can use with your own bags or even carry auxiliary fuel with, compliments of Rotopax and Kolpin Jr. Fuel Cells.


We have a different business model than most companies. In the beginning, we didn’t have money to advertise but understood the value of “the word of mouth”. Consequently, we considered it of the utmost importance to ensure EVERY customer was overly pleased with their purchase and had the best buying experience possible. The only way to ensure that took place was to NOT take their money until AFTER they got the racks AND they were everything they thought they were going to be....and MORE!!

The internet has opened up so many points of sale that previously weren’t available for small businesses like ours, but I know I’ve bought items over the internet that didn’t live up to my expectations. The return policy was usually such a hassle, I just “lived” with it.  We didn’t want anyone to “settle” for our racks. While some might think that’s a crazy way to do business, I can seriously count on one hand the times that we’ve had a customer keep the rack and not pay us, including our international customers!  When you look to the good in people, I’m convinced they will deliver.

Our reputation over the years has been hard earned but if you know anything about Cycleracks.com, you know that we stand behind our products 100%, without fail.

Realizing we are in the 21st century and understanding that people want simple, we’ve diversified our buying experience. We have an eBay store, we have a shopping cart on this site or you can call 208-424-9311 and we’ll take your order over the phone the old fashioned way. If you want to pay AFTER you get the rack, that’s fine with us too!

However you place your order, rest assured we will ALWAYS deliver a product that meets your highest expectation. Thanks for looking and we certainly hope you give us the opportunity to earn your business.